Bringing benefits to all levels of the trucking industry

Drivers get easy access to information that allows them to know where truck parking is available, plan their trips, get quality rest and spend more time on the road. This also benefits fleets, because not only will they know their drivers are safe, they will be able to recruit more drivers as business grows. Plus, the transfer of goods across the country will be more efficiently accomplished.

The interest to local governments and departments of transportation is that drivers can feel confident choosing routes that take them through their states, bringing extra revenue.

The Federal Department of Transportation benefits because the industry will more easily be able to adhere to truck driving and hours of rest requirements, making for safer highways throughout the country.

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Our Management Team

Rick Warner

Chief Executive Officer

Rick has successfully founded and grown several business. As a founder of Action Engine, where he raised capital and pioneered development of the innovative wireless technology he and his co-founders were named Computer World Smithsonian Laureates. Rick has extensive experience in transportation, wireless communications, information technologies and network development. Rick currently serves on several National Academies of Science Transportation Research Board committees. Rick holds degrees in Logistics and Computer Science from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Washington.

Harry Voccola


Harry has 30 years experience in the ITS industry, developing, deploying and operating public-private partnerships in the transportation industry as commercial businesses. He designed and deployed HELP, Inc. which provides weigh-station bypass service in more than 30 states. Also, while at Lockheed Martin, Harry was responsible for systems that process fuel tax and international registration fees from truckers for over 30 State Departments of Transportation. He oversaw the installation of early EZPASS toll collections in the US as a service business. and has served as Chairman of the ITS World Congress at their annual conference several times. Harry is respected in Washington, DC, as a knowledgeable transportation executive and an excellent advocate for those issues vital to the trucking industry and drivers with federal and state transportation Agencies.

Scott McKenna and Chris Wright


Scott and Chris bring direct ITS and truck parking experience, as co-owners of Oasis Trucking Centers, which specializes in high value cargo requiring monitored, bonded or secured parking, with tracking protocol for both rig, tractor and trailer. They bring over 40 years of combined executive management experience and are experienced entrepreneurs in the transportation industry, including Chassis Pros, Greenway Fueling and the development of Oasis Trucking Centers. They leveraged their property management and transportation experience to bring a more efficient secure parking services to the Detroit Intermodal Transportation Terminals. Scott and Chris have developed excellent relationships with large US fleet operators and bring keen insight to TSPS regarding Secure Truck Parking and its specific market and in cutting edge technology for the delivery and management of high-security parking. Chris and Scott are currently developing the Sentinel Truck Yard Management System, an exponential increase in security technology with their expansion of additional facilities as the major fleets and companies turn to Secured parking, as a means to lower their risk and their liability premiums, thus increasing operating margins.

Parking Availability

Know where to find truck parking. Check your route for real-time truck parking information and plan your stops along the way. more >

Parking Reservations

Make sure truck parking is available through your entire run by reserving your spot. more >

High-Security Parking Reservations

Keep your valuable cargo safe. Know where to find available high-security truck parking throughout the country. more >

Lot Management (Sentinel Services)

Provide safe, quality, inviting parking. Make sure your lot is a place truckers want to park, and work with TSPS to direct them there. more >