Terms & Conditions

Truck Specialized Parking Services, Inc.: a ‘parking-locator’ service


The service provided by Truck Specialized Parking Services is strictly limited to: informing you, our customer, of the location and apparent availability of parking; making arrangements on your behalf with the operator of the parking facility to hold a space for your timely arrival; and facilitating the payment of their parking charges via your credit card.

The Truck Specialized Parking Service web site is not intended for use while driving. By using this web site you agree to not use it while driving.

The availability information produced by Truck Specialized Parking Services Inc. is protected by patent law and is not to be used or reproduces without the written approval of TSPS, Inc. By using this web site you are agreeing to not reproduce or redistribute the information on the Web site without the written consent of TSPS, Inc.

While we employ sophisticated technology to monitor the availability of parking and strive to meet all customers’ expectations, some aspects of the service are beyond our control. Despite the convenience of our reservation service, the decision to utilize a particular location remains your responsibility and you assume that risk. Likewise the allocation of parking spaces within a lot is solely in the control of the lot attendant or uncontrolled if not attended. We therefore cannot be responsible for any consequences arising from the lack of suitable parking. In all cases the parking arrangement will be governed by the agreement with the operator of the parking facility as posted at their location or provided to you by them.

In particular we DO NOT:

  • Provide a parking service, operate a parking lot or otherwise accept custody of motor vehicles. That service is provided by others and they are in no way our agents or acting in our behalf; [NO BAILMENT]
  • Accept any responsibility whatsoever regarding the safety of persons or property in the locations selected by our customers; [PARK AT YOUR OWN RISK]
  • Endorse the use of cell-phones while driving; [USE ‘HANDS-FREE’ OR WHILE STOPPED ONLY]
  • Assume any responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of not being able to park or delays associated with parking; [NO CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES]
  • Hold a parking spot for you beyond the time agreed in your reservation; [TIMELY]
  • Accept any responsibility whatsoever regarding the routing information provided; [DIRECT ROUTING LIMITATIONS ARE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DRIVER]
  • Warrant that the Internet, our website or any email from us is free of ‘viruses’ or other potentially harmful effects; [USE COMMON SENSE AND ANTI-VIRUS]
  • Guarantee the actual availability of a specific parking spot in the location you selected; [‘BEST EFFORTS’ ONLY]
  • Make any representation that a parking spot will accommodate your vehicle.
  • Refund our reservation fee for any reason other than the lack of a parking spot in the location you chose, at the time reserved. [REFUNDS LIMITED]

We respect your privacy and will not release your personal information to a third party other than to a parking provider as necessary to identify you as the person reserving a space or as mandated by law, but may make use of general information about our customers to improve our service or for other marketing purposes. Your identifiable personal information such as phone number or email address will be kept strictly confidential, of course.

Use of the Truck Specialized Parking Services indicates your acceptance of the terms of the agreement above.