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Drivers get easy access to information that allows them to know where truck parking is available, plan their trips, get quality rest and spend more time on the road.

Secure a space with RigRest

Finding parking near pick-up and delivery points can often be difficult and time-consuming. Take the stress out of locating a place to rest by reserving a space in advance. Simply pick a location on your route and RigRest will identify where there is parking availability nearby.

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Know where to find truck parking

Check your route for real-time truck parking information and plan your stops along the way. When it’s time to stop and rest, many drivers report it taking an hour or more to locate a parking spot. Not only is this a major inconvenience for the driver, but it wastes valuable time.

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TSPS can help you manage your lot

Your parking lot can be a valuable resource for truck drivers, fleet managers, and Department of Transportation. Plus, you can benefit from this important need from an industry that is consistently growing.

TSPS can help you manage your lot in a way that makes it an inviting place for drivers to park their truck. In doing so, TSPS will also work with you to make sure truck drivers know when you have truck parking available and can even allow drivers to make reservations at your lot, all real-time.

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Keep your valuable cargo safe

Drivers with valuable loads require enhanced levels of security that are not necessarily offered by every truck stop or parking lot. TSPS provides information about higher security features such as perimeter gates, guarded entry/exit and camera surveillance. Using TSPS, you can ensure you and your cargo stay safe and secure throughout your route.

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