Semi tractor trailer parked at GATS 2019 in Dallas, TX.


Appreciation, gratitude, handshakes, and hugs were all part of RigRest’s reception at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas, TX this past week.

You do that?!

That summarizes the reaction we got when sharing what provides to truckers. The appreciation and gratitude came from truckers as well as family members who are very often the co-pilot, front office, and more in support of the person behind the wheel. They all realized how knowledge is power when searching for a parking spot and appreciated our continuing efforts to bring additional capacity into the arena.

I’m stopping a couple of hours short.

Studies have repeatedly shown that truckers are ending their driving day shorter than they would like in order to ensure they can find parking before running out of allowable hours. A majority of drivers indicate that this often occurs with about one hour of driving time left. Repeatedly at GATS, both my colleague and I were told by truckers that they are stopping with two hours of driving time remaining in their day. This could easily indicate the severity of the parking shortage within the Texas Triangle (Dallas/Ft Worth, Houston and San Antonio) which was very well represented at an event held in Dallas.

We need this tool! provides truck drivers with reliable information about the truck stops near their route. While dispatchers and others who drive a desk may take some well-deserved heat at times from truckers, several people who represent those positions at carriers enthusiastically embraced this new option for their drivers to utilize to find available parking and to reserve a space when needed. It was great to hear first-hand that many carriers are glad to pay for the cost of parking when needed.

More to come.

Look for one more GATS-related blog, specifically covering the discussion with TXDOT and truckers regarding their efforts to address truck parking.

Scott Grenerth is part of the TSPS team and while he primarily drives a desk today (but does occasionally utilize his CDL) he has over a million accident-free miles behind the wheel of over-the-road trucking experience.

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