GATS 2019, What Truck Drivers Told Us

RigRest team-mate Scott Grenerth and I manned the Truck Parking booth at GATS, the Great American Truck Show in Dallas Texas 8/22-25/2019.  Below you will find a list of the topics frequently mentioned by drivers visiting the RigRest booth.

  • Pending ELD Regulation changes – Mixed feedback on this from the Driver perspective.  Some welcome the proposed increase in time management flexibility, others are concerned shippers and receivers will expect drivers to spend more time on duty at their facilities which could lengthen their day.
  • ELD Impact – Many drivers frequently look for parking 3 hours before their driving time ends.  Drivers taking approximately a 25%  reduction in their productivity to find parking speaks volumes to the scope of the truck parking shortage.
  • Truck Stop Congestion – Several drivers mentioned that truck stop parking lots are often full for the night at 3pm and that they start their days earlier to get the mileage in and find parking. This can’t be good for a Truck Stop when drivers arriving after 3pm inch through the parking lot and ultimately move on, physically prohibited from spending a dollar at that location.
  • Park and Sleep Locations? – Some drivers said the biggest truck stops are becoming park and sleep locations.  Drivers get their fuel and food at other locations, then head to the biggest parking lots where there is the best chance to find parking.  Again, not good for the truck stop.
  • Trucker Tough – Despite changes in the “on the road” landscape, most drivers said they strive to work with or around the challenges they face.

A warm thank you to all who stopped by the RigRest GATS booth, shared thoughts, and provided words of encouragement as and parent company focus on delivering truck parking solutions. team-mate Jim Pfohl is an entrepreneur, consultant, and former corporate executive.

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